Saturday, August 29, 2009

Certification Sun JAVA SCJCP : How to prepare ?

I've passed my Java Certification (SCJP) with success and i have some advice.I think that theses advices are also available for other Java certification (scdjws, j2ee certification) and also certifications in general.If you have question about certification voucher and certification prometric, please make asearch on Google.In my blog, I will give you advice about materials needed and exercises only.So, if you want to be certified, read the following :

To succeed more easily at this exam, you must have a book and practice exam.

- Advice 1 : Get a good book.

If you want to succeed quickly the certification exam, buy a certification book.(Moreover, it's often possible to have a certification pdf so you can read everywhere !)
I know it will cost you some money but you will have full course and complete teach.You will will win time and it will replace a good teacher ! If you search on the web, you will find a lot of certication courses but often there are not complete.
A good book is : SCJP Sun certified programmer for JAVA 6 310-065 (Katherine Sierra, Bert Bates).In this book will learn you all that you need to know and we will show typical question you have at the exam, a lot of tips about question and it will give you also exercices.

- Advice 2 : Practice and make certification test.

You need to practice and pratice ... Training is the key ! If you passed all practice exams, it means that you are ready. To that there is software like :
and also my blog :-)
You can also prepare yourself but it's more easier and faster to have good materials.

- Article 3 : Get informed

It's also usefull to look on the web news.Here is my list of best java web site (

To conclude, if you want to be java certifed, get a good book and make a lot of certification exercise.It will replace expensive course.

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