Monday, September 28, 2009

Netbeans : Create your own shortcut.

Problème :

You know eclipse shortcut but it doesn't exist in Netbeans.
Note : the complete shortcut list is available in menu Help -> Keyboard Shortcuts Card.

Solution : Create you own shortcut with netbeans macro.

Like excel, you can edit and save you macro.
Here is how you can do :

Image that you want delete a line with CTRL + D.
1) Start recording : Go Edit -> Start recording
2) Select one line by clicking severeal time on the line then delete it.
3) Stop recording by cliking on Edit -> Stop recording.

This dialog box appears :

Enter the name of the macro (ex:delete-line) then click OK.
You will show a similary window :

The last thing you have to do is "Set shortcut" and define your shortcut.

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