Thursday, March 14, 2013

First step with the cloud OpenShift of RedHat

My goal : Deploy an Play 1.2.5 on OpenShift.

For this purpose, I follow that link : planet_jboss

Steps summary:

- Create my application :

I create my application directly on the web site.It was quick and simple.
Moreover, all usefull command to connect with ssh and clone are available.You just have to make copy and paste.

- Gentoo install :

emerge dev-ruby/rubygems
ruby -e 'puts "Welcome to Ruby"
gem install rhc

- Initialisation (as a user)

rhc setup

- Clone of our application's repository

git clone ssh://XXX/~/git/monapp.git/

Then, I follow steps ICI

- Export of the war dans monapp/deployements :

play war -o /home/toto/monapp/deployments/cookies.war
git add deployments/cookies.war*
git push

- Check of the deployement

- Connexion with ssh on the RedHat cloud
- tail -f jbossas-7/logs/server.log


- I try the cloud at my job but I didn't succeed because of proxy and firewall.I also tried to use ssh over
90 but without success.
- At home, no problem : it was easy end fast.

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