Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Grails : Do you know CRaSH plugin ?


You have the possibility to embeded CRaSH in Grails by installing the CRaSH plugin.
It's very easy :

grails install-plugin crash

Now, you can connect to your Grails application by using CRaSH.
Two steps for that :
  • Find the Java Process PID of your Grails application with :
cd $JAVA_HOME/bin
  • Launch CRaSH
Then you will be able to access to CRaSH command by typing :

cd $CRASH_HOME/bin
crash.sh PID

Now, you have access to all CRaSH command jdbc,jpa, thread ... and you can make your own !

CRaSH web site : http://www.crashub.org/
Grails CRaSH plugin : https://github.com/crashub/grails
Grails : http://grails.org/

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