Saturday, November 9, 2013

Grails : turn on GZip compression

If you want to improve your web site performance, you should enable GZip compression.

What is GZip compression ?

It's simple : you zip date before sending it over the net :
  1. Server compress data (HTML code, CSS, JavaScript...)
  2. Data go through the net
  3. the navigator uncompress data when it arrives before showing them

It's describe in HTTP/1.1

Is performance really better ?

You can check it here :

Grails et GZip

To enable GZip compression, it's simple.You have to install plugin ui-performance :

grails install-plugin ui-performance

Then restart Grails.

Comments :
  • If you want to be sure that GZip compression is enabled, you can go in "Audits" tabs on Chrome developpement tools.
  • ui-performance plugin do also severeal things like rules of Steve Souders and Yahoo performance team :  

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